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Introduction to Beatbox/vocal percussion workshops


Your group will learn some basic beatbox drum sounds to enable them to create a pattern to groove along with their favourite songs.


These workshops are great for encouraging children in particular to recall sounds and learn muscle memory for consistency of sound. 


Workshops are designed to be fun and inclusive and participants are encouraged to experiment without judgment & find the enjoyment of creating rhythms to music.

NB. We usually recommend sessions of 40-45mins. Sessions can be increased for adult & secondary schools & adult classes & will include some group work to allow participants to experiment in groups coming up with their own rhythms and sounds. (Please factor in times to change over groups for multiple sessions).

the operabeatz! workshop

Our OperaBeatz! Workshop aims to show how 2 completely different styles of music can be fused together.

We begin the workshop with a short physical warm up and some energy games to help eliminate nerves and get the group energised, led by our Soprano Sam.

OperaBeatz will demonstrate how they mix their different styles of music effectively, by performing a short song for you.

Andy then takes over the session and teaches the group some sounds from his unique style of Vocal Percussion, including snare drum, bass drum & hi-hat sounds. By the end of the session the group will be able to have a go at putting their new skills to the test to ‘Beatbox’ along with a song & accompany Samantha for a final informal performance.


NB. We usually recommend sessions of 40-45mins for Junior school aged children. Sessions can be increased for secondary schools and adult classes and will include some group work and allows participants to experiment in groups to come up with their own rhythms and sounds.

OPERabeatz! ultimate workshop

Our Ultimate Workshops combine both singing & beatboxing.


This workshop splits your group into 2 - singers and beatboxers.


The singers will work with our Professional Soprano Sam for part of the session to learn a song and have coaching on their posture, technique and performance. The aim is to encourage confidence through interpretation and performing in a fun and relaxed environment.

At the same time Andy will teach the ‘beatboxers’ some sounds to create a set of rhythms that will allow them to ‘groove’ along with the singers. 


Towards the end of the session the groups will rejoin and put together the skills they have learned to perform the song together informally.

NB.This workshop requires 2 separate spaces to ‘breakout’ half of the group. We recommend 1 hour sessions.

  • We provide any equipment

  • We can adapt our programme to suit your needs 

  • Both of our artists can provide DBS certificates upon request 

  • We are able to record sessions for an extra fee

  • We will always allow time at the end of the workshop for any questions or queries from the participants

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